Option spreads, early exercise and other wrinkles

A week ago Monday I created an IEF (iShares Lehman 7-10 Yr Treas Bond) bear spread in my Schwab margin account—with the short calls deep in the money at S90.   Several of the calls were assigned that night when IEF went ex-dividend ($0.248/share).  Since I wasn’t long IEF, this assignment resulted in a short position being created in my account.   I was surprised the calls were assigned since …

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Betting on the bear

I put a bear spread into place on SPY,  selling  April 100 calls at 8.10 and buying April 108 calls at 1.30 — net credit of 6.80.   Worst case loss is 1.2 per call pair, best case profit is 6.8 per call pair.