Velocity Shares -1X SVIX & 2X UVIX ETFs Backtest (free)


Simulated prices for SVIX and UVIX starting in 2005 up to the end of the last calendar quarter.


The -1X leveraged SVIX inverse volatility fund and the 2X leveraged UVIX fund are Exchange Traded Products (ETFs) offered by Volatility Shares that are based on short-term VIX futures (1st & 2nd month).  These ETFs started trading on March 31st, 2022, so there is no market price data available before that (e.g., during the 2008/2009 GFC, the February 5th, 2018 Volmageddon, or the COVID volatility spikes).  This simulation provides SVIX & UVIX’s simulated end-of-day closing prices from December 20th, 2005 through the end of the previous calendar quarter.  See Update Dates for Spreadsheets for specific days covered.

For more about these products and their underlying SHORTVOL and LONGVOL indexes see:

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