Velocity Shares BITX (2X Bitcoin Futures) ETF Backtest (free)


Simulated prices for BITX starting 17-Sept-2014. The data included typically goes up to the end of the last calendar quarter.  Includes its underlying SPBTFDUE index and historical Bitcoin prices.


The 2X leveraged BITX is an Exchange Traded Product (ETF) offered by Volatility Shares that holds a dynamic mix of the front two months of CME Bitcoin futures as its underlying securities.  BITX uses the S&P Global S&P CME Bitcoin Futures Daily Roll Excess Return Index (ticker SPBTFDUE) as its underlying index.  BITX seeks to deliver twice the daily percentage move of SPBTFDUE.  BITX started trading on June 27, 2023, so there is no market price data available before that.   This simulation provides SPBTFEU historical prices and BITX simulated end-of-day closing prices starting September 17th, 2014 through the most recent quarter (See this table for specific dates)

This simulation may provide some insight into BITX’s likely behavior, but of course, Bitcoin’s future price action is unpredictable and may perform dramatically differently going forward.

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