Portfolio action

This morning I  put portfolio B mostly in place (see Three portfolios).  I only put in 50% of the large cap weighting (so it is at 25% of the portfolio, instead of the eventual planned 50%).  Psychologically I have found it is better to ease in a little with significant investments like this—if the market goes up from there you can tell yourself that you got at least some of it early in the rally, and if the market goes down you can tell yourself that at least you didn’t put everything in right before it went down.  The games we play…   For the commodities, I felt they were pretty much bottomed out— really how cheap is oil going to get?  So I put in the full percentages for those.

I filled the equity orders between 9:30am and 10:00 EDT.  The mutual funds, as is their custom, closed at the end of the day (arrgh..).

Trades    USO  33.47
SPY  109.16
VT    39.88
IGNAX  16.39
TVRVX   20.45

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