Ex-Dividend Info: Alerian, iShares, PIMCO, Schwab, & SPDR ETFs

Below I have provided links to the 2021 website links for dividend distribution schedules for various Exchange Traded Product (ETP) providers.  For historical dividend information, I recommend the Dividend Investor site.

Alerian website link for dividend declaration, ex-dividend, record, and distribution dates (Fund Distributions, Current Year)

Invesco website link with ex-dividend and pay information. 

iShares website link 1 , website link 2 for ex-dividend and pay date information.  Includes ETFs tracking iBoxx, Barclays, JP Morgan, Dow Jones, Morningstar,  S&P, Russell, MSCI, and other indexes.

PIMCO website link for dividend declaration,  ex-dividend, record, and distribution dates

Schwab monthly & quarterly ex-dividend, record, and dist. dates, monthly income/money website ETF distributions website
              website 3

SPDR website link for ex-dividend, record, and pay date information (look for SPDR Dividend Distribution Schedule PDF download)  Includes ETFs tracking  Barclays, Diamond,  Dow Jones, Morgan Stanley, MSCI,  KBW,  Russell, S&P, and other indexes.

Vanguard website link with ex-dividend and pay information for a limited number of ETPs.   For the first time in my experience they are publishing record/ex-dividend/pay dates for the entire year rather than just a few days before the record date for a few funds.  However this information is not specifically tied to the popular ETFs (e.g., VOO, VIG) so their dates may be different. 

From the SPDR website:

  • Historical distributions spreadsheet  (look for SPDR Historical Distributions XLS)

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