2022 Option Expiration Calendars

Market Watch (includes all years out to at least the year 4000!) No VIX data. Easy to get to other years Calendar

The CBOE and the Options Clearing Corporation both publish nice options expiration calendars.

  • Calendars from both sources show the VIX expiration date, which is when monthly VIX options and futures expire.   The last trading for these securities is the previous trading day or in some cases pre-market trading the day of expiration.



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Updated January 11, 2022

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3 thoughts on “2022 Option Expiration Calendars”

  1. The last trading day used to be the day before expiration, but now it’s being moved to the same day. The first time you see that on the calendar is Feb 2015. Anyone know if the weeklys are likewise changing?


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