Back into XXV, USO Weeklys back

Bought XXV (inverse VXX)  at 32.11, put a 2% trailing stop in place. USO weekly options are back—at least for next week, expiring December 10th.

Taking CVOL for a ride

I’ve been watching Citigroup’s new CVOL volatility ETN (a souped up competitor to Barclays’ VXX)  since it started trading November 15th.  Tracking its actual performance has been difficult because it is very lightly traded.  Charts for example are useless.  Normally I use Yahoo’s Finance historical quotes feature as a very convenient way to get open /high / low / close data that I can export …

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February VIX options expire — fear takes a bite

February VIX options expired today.   The settlement price (ticker VRO/$VRO/^VRO) was 22.50.  The VIX index opened at 22.25.   With this settlement price I ended up losing .35 per call on my VIX spread.    Things could have been much worse–I could have lost up to 2.85 with the spread.    I certainly didn’t expect the VIX to stay up at the levels it …

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