XVZ Backtest from March 2004

I have now backtested Barclays’ XVZ ETN back to when VIX volatility futures first started to trade in March 2004.  I have made two versions of the spreadsheet available for purchase below.  One with results data only and the other version with formulas and required indexes included.  I have included the simulated daily closing values with and without the 0.95% annual fee from March 29, …

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Dividend History

  Links to a few selected pre-generated reports are shown below: DIA dividend history DVY dividend history IWM dividend history JNK dividend history LQD dividend history SPY dividend history TIP dividend history XLP dividend history XLU dividend history If you need dividend history on a non iShare / SPDR fund or stock then I recommend the DividendInvestor site.    

2023 Ex-Dividend & Paydate / Distribution information for ETFs

I have collected dividend, ex-dividend, paydate/ distribution information for 2023 on the following ETFs. Alerian  AMLP Invesco  Quarterly Group I:  EWEM  EWMC  EWRE  EWSC  OEW  RCD  RFG  RFV  RGI  RHS  RPG  RPV  RZG  RZV  RSP  RTM  RYE  RYF  RYH  RYT  RYU  XLG iShares iShares:  AGG  CMF  CSJ  HYG  IEF  IEI  IGOV  ISHG  LQD  PFF  SHV  SHY  TIP  TLH  TLT iShares:  AGZ  CFT  CIU  EMB  GBF  …

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VIX Option and Futures Expiration Dates

Upcoming expiration dates for monthly VIX options and futures—they expire at market open on the same days can be found in this free spreadsheet.  The settlement price is not the same as the VIX open price. The settlement price is listed under the VRO ticker and reflects the result of a process (HOSS) managed by the CBOE.  The settlement process involves actual trade prices, not …

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