IVV dividends

See updated information on IVV’s dividends see this post. For updated OEF dividend information see this post. See this excellent ETF Database post if you’re interested in the differences between the main S&P 500 Index ETFs. See this post for ex-dividend information on many ETFs.

SPY dividend for 4th quarter 2010

SPY went ex-dividend December 17th, 2010.  The payout will be $0.6528 per share.  The paydate will be 31-January-2011. In premarket on the 17th SPY was trading around 124.17, after closing at 124.82 in regular trading Thursday.  It looks like some poor soul had a buy order in at 124.74 that filled in the pre-market—ex-dividend day drops at the beginning of trading are one of the …

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SPY ex-dividend

For updated information about SPY’s ex-dividend and payout dates see this post.

Stock Dividends

For updated information on SPY, IVV, and VOO dividends see this post. Some dividend related info: Excluding market action, Stock/ETF prices will drop by about the dividend amount when opening on their ex-dividend date.   The equity no longer carries the value of the dividend, so it drops in value.  The 500 stocks comprising the S&P index don’t go ex-dividend en-mass on the 17th, so the index …

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